Top Dog Construction | Our Services
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Great projects don’t start with materials or machines. They don’t start with concrete trucks churning and pouring their heavy loads on vacant lots. They don’t even start with plans. Great projects start with vision, admiration, and years of scribbled notes and bookmarked pages that culminate to form a foundation you’ve laid yourself. And, in the end, it’s better than you ever pictured it.

Buliding New Homes

We are a small custom home builder who also provides design/build services. We specialize in unique, sustainable, high quality homes and will work with you hand in hand from the conceptual design stages to the end product.

Polished Concrete

We are leaders in the field of polished and honed concrete, concrete resurfacing, epoxy coatings and resurfacing compounds for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

General Maintenance

Daily wear and tear takes its toll on your home. No need to take care of it all yourself! We offer speedy and reliable handyman services for all your household repairs and improvements. Get the job done right the first time,

Plumbing & Paving

Topdog Construction provide quality building, tiling, paving and plumbing services on the southcoast of KZN. No job is too small and each job is quoted for based on requirements.


Our renovating services are a world apart from other construction companies. We pride ourselves in our handcrafted architectural finishes, deluxe moldings and exquisite cabinetry.


Whether you are extending to meet changing family needs, add an individual element or increase the value of your property, a thoughtfully designed extension will provide additional living space to your existing home.

  Contact us now for a free quote on your project